Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm a Non-Stamp Collector

A few weeks back I found a treasure trove of videos by an atheist animator on YouTube. His screen name is NonStampCollector, which is a subtle jab at the weirdness of a term like atheist. The argument goes something like this: You don't label someone by hobbies they don't have -- like a non-stamp collector -- so why label someone by religions they don't have? So, I suppose I shouldn't call him an atheist.

I also use the term "animator" loosely, as his videos use stick figures, and they only move like one frame every few seconds. It's minimalism at its best, and the voice acting is actually pretty good for the most part. But easily the best thing about the videos is the way he expresses his points. He's funny, he's blunt, and he gives excellent examples of some of the absurdities of religion viewed from different but analogous perspectives.

I've watched every single one of his videos, and I have the feeling that I'm going to include them in a lot of my blogs to hammer down points. I'd strongly suggest you go to the NonStampCollector YouTube page and subscribe to the channel to show your support. (Subscribe is misleading, because it's entirely free.)

I've embedded his first-ever video below. It's a conversation with the all-loving, benevolent, perfectly just God about sin, forgiveness, heaven, and hell. When you lay out the basis of God's System of Salvation, it kinda sells itself. /sarcasm

Here's an excerpt of man describing God's logic to God: "So, you sacrificed yourself to yourself so that you wouldn’t have to send me to hell for my ancestors having eaten from a tree that you told them not to eat from?"

-- The Atheist Apologist --


  1. These videos are hysterical!! I highly recommend everyone to see them, atheist and theist alike. I also recommend the new book by the documentary writer, Jose M. Paulino. See the link below.

  2. Actually I think you should refer to NSC as an Atheist, although se might not yet be convinced heself.
    The title Non Stamp Collector is a rhetorical pun on the absurd occasional accusations made that Atheism is itself a religion - a reaction, perhaps, to the new wave of radical Atheists (eg Douglas Adams) that don't hide how they think.
    From the channel:
    If atheism is a "religion", ... then Not Collecting Stamps is a "hobby".

    Here's another wild wit:

  3. If NonStampCollector was adamant about the fact that we shouldn't collect stamps and tried to convince everyone to stop collecting stamps, it does make sense to call them NonStampCollector.

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