Thursday, September 2, 2010

Are Outspoken Atheists Doing More Harm Than Good?

Does being confrontational do atheists any favors?
It's one thing to constantly preach to the choir (you're the choir here) about why Christianity is illogical, irrational, and harmful to society, but I truly believe that if you can't step back and evaluate your own side of things from as objective a standpoint as possible then you're doing a disservice both to yourself and anyone who is willing to listen to you on a regular basis. One concern I have about atheists like myself -- vocal, unrelenting, and proud -- is that we may be doing more harm than good for our cause.

Take a look at someone like me from the viewpoint of a fundamentalist Christian: I seem entirely sure of my point of view regarding religion, it seems like nothing they say can convince me otherwise (untrue, but they don't know that), and I write blogs entries that -- despite the logic, research, and reasoning I attempt to use as their foundation -- essentially amount to me making fun of religious people for being dumb. Basically, I'm an arrogant, angry, stubborn atheist hellbent on trying to make it hard for people to practice their respective religions in peace.

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