Thursday, March 31, 2011

Atheists are Satanic, Islamic, and Evil

(Note: Sorry I've been away for awhile. I had some big changes in my life that resulted in "for fun" writing taking a back seat. Here's hoping I'm back and ready to go full speed ahead!)

Hopefully my readers immediately see the paradox of the first two adjectives in this blog entry's title. However, it seems that a not insignificant segment of America would read that headline and accept it outright as obvious. To a powerful, vocal percentage of U.S. citizens, atheists worship Satan, likely pal around with Islamic people (who they automatically label as sketchy malcontents), and are just evil in general (or, at the very least, amoral).

For those who may not be on board quite yet, understand that an atheist doesn't believe in God, and that extends to the books and religious tenets that this non-existent God didn't write. So, to say that an atheist is satanic is idiotic at best. Sorry, but no, we don't worship something we don't think exists.

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